Insulators, conductor, fittings

Insulators, conductor, fittings are the main parts of electrical power system. There are many types of these products as per the applications, materials, functions, standards, and other main aspects.


Insulators, conductor, fittings details:
Power fitting: cross arm, pin and spindle, suspension clamp, strain clamp, parallel clamp, insulating clamp, Branch clamp, earth set fitting, stay rod set, compress connector, sleeves, bolt & nut, link fitting, yoke & link plate, protection fitting, pole fitting

Insulators: porcelain insulator, glass insulator, silicon insulator

Conductor: Aluminum stranded conductor, Aerial insulated cable, Insulated power cable, Insulated wire cable

Switch gear: Lightning arrester, cut-out fuse, isolate switch

Low voltage electrical: function switch, switch & socket, extended socket, PVC pipe, PVC box, lampholder, terminal box, AL pipe, bulkhead light, etc.

In addition to the Power fitting, Insulators, Conductor, Switch gear, Low voltage electrical products shown above, Orient also can supply other electrical products you want, just contact us freely.

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