Insulators electrical

As one of professional insulators manufacturers, Orient Power mainly supplies electrical insulators used on transmission and distribution power lines or substations.

Insulators electrical

The types of insulators
◆ Spool type porcelain insulators
◆ Shackle type porcelain insulators
◆ Line post type porcelain insulators
◆ Glass suspension insulator
◆ Composite suspension insulators
◆ Station posts insulators
◆ Pin insulators
◆ Crossarm insulators etc.

Spool type and shackle type porcelain insulators
These insulators are the LV insulators mainly used on low voltage distribution power lines.

Pin insulators, line post insulators
These insulators can be used on medium voltage, low voltage and HV power lines

Suspension insulators
Glass, porcelain and composite insulator can be used on HV, EHV and UHV power lines.

There are other type insulators, such as railway insulators and stay insulators used in electrical systems playing different role.


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