Insulators are an indispensable part in the power system. Insulators have been used in various kinds of electric power system. Insulators play a role of insulation and support in the power system.


In the power system, different parts have their own insulators types.
Hollow bushing insulator and station post insulator are used in power station and Power Sub-station. They can withstand very high voltage.
Cross arm insulator, suspension insulator and line post insulator are used in power transmission lines. Suspension insulator can be used overlay. So, the voltage applied of suspension insulators is very wide.

And the distribution lines can use a variety of insulator, including the insulators used in power transmission lines. Such as cross arm insulator and line post insulator. Also, distribution lines have own insulators, such as spool insulator, shackle insulator, pin insulator, pin post insulator and guy strain insulator.

In general, insulator is stable. Insulator will not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions. So insulator can protect electric power transmission and distribution system, make it a longer service life.

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