Inter Phase Spacer Insulators

Inter Phase Spacers were developed to minimize the probability of incidents by maintaining conductor separation with the special functions, structure and benefits of Inter Phase Spacer Insulators.

Inter Phase Spacer Insulators

Inter Phase Spacer Insulators functions, structure:
With environmental exposure to ice and/or wind, Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines are susceptible to conductor motion that may result in outages or interruptions on the electrical system due to conductor contact, flashovers, or plant damage. Inter Phase Spacers were developed to minimize the probability of these occurrences by maintaining conductor separation.

Inter Phase Spacer insulators consist of silicone rubber sheds and sheath injection molded over a fiberglass rod and may be coupled with silicone rubber covered rods to increase length. Although lightweight and flexible, Inter Phase Spacers are designed to meet torsional, bending and compression loads of the application.

The performance benefits of Inter Phase Spacer Insulators:
Improves Reliability (minimizes interruptions and outages due to conductor contact, flashovers or plant damage in all types of environments)
Safety (light weight for handling and installation)
Service Life (consistent performance over its service life)
Life Cycle Cost (savings over porcelain insulators)

There are a variety of Inter Phase Spacer Insulators end fittings options available depending on the conductor clamping requirements with or without armour rod. If you want to get more information about Inter Phase Spacer Insulators please contact Orient Power.

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