LV Stay insulators

LV Stay insulators for low voltage and medium voltage overhead distribution lines.

LV Stay insulators

The Strain Insulators shall be made of good commercial grade wet-process porcelain. They shall be sound, free from defects and smoothly glazed. And good commercial grade wet-process porcelain and the color of glazing Shall be "Brown".

LV Stay insulators wires used for pole supporting. The two transverse holes shall be smoothly rounded with as large a radius as practicable to present an even bearing surfaces to the stay strand loop.

The surface of the Strain Insulators shall be effectively glazed except for the points on which the porcelain is supported during firing which may be left unglazed.
The design shall be such that stresses due to expansion and contraction in any part of the insulator shall not lead to deterioration.

LV Stay insulators Nominal operation voltage 33KV 11KV 400KV
LV Stay insulators System highest voltage 36KV 12KV 440KV


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