Line post insulator

Line post insulator is a kind of rigid insulator. The voltage of line post insulator is 10kv to 132kv. Line post insulator can be used in the ac power lines in common areas and medium and heavy polluted areas.

Line post insulator types:
According to the material points, Line post insulator can be divided into porcelain line post insulator and composite line post insulator

Line post insulator is used in high voltage overhead transmission and distribution line, cooperate with steel stud. Line post insulator can meet ANSI, BS, IEC standards and other standards. Line post insulator commonly used in transmission and distribution system which voltage is under 132kv.

According to the insulator types, line post insulator can be divided into American type and International type.

Porcelain line post insulator     composite line post insulator

According to the installation and connection mode can be divided into four types:
The type of vertically installed and the tie top: ANSI57-1, ANSI57-2, 57-3, 57-4, 57-5
The type of vertically installed and clamp top: ANSI57-11, ANSI57-12, 57-13, 57-14, 57-15
The type of horizontal installed and clamp top: ANSI57-21, ANSI57-22, 57-23, 57-24, 57-25
The type of horizontal tilt installed and the clamp top: ANSI57-31, ANSI57-32, 57-33, 57-34, 57-35

Porcelain line post insulator used in the transmission and distribution system, general with brown and gray (composite insulator is red and gray) two colors.

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