Link fittings

Link fittings also known as coupling fittings are used to link clamps to insulators, or to link insulator and wire clamp to tower arms and substation structures.

Link fittings

Orient Power as one of link fittings manufacturers in China, Orient link fittings are mainly made of heat treated steel that is more suitable for forging with good performances. Dimensions of ball and socket for special linkage are in accordance with IEC 120 standards.

The types of Orient Link fittings
Ball Eye (Q, QP, QH type)
Ball Eye (Parallel type)
Ball Eye (perpendicular type, horn holder type)
Ball Eye (QA, QP type)
Ball Eye (QU type)
Socket-Clevis Eye (W type)
Socket-Clevis Eye (WK, WR type)
Socket-Clevis Eye (WS type, WS elongated type)
Socket-Clevis (WSY type)
Shackle (UF type)
Shackle (U type, UJ-Strengthened type)
PH type Extension Ring
Eye Chain Links (ZH type)
Extension Rod (YL, YLP type)
Clevis with Z, ZS, ZBS, P, PS, PD, UB, V, VD types
Joint Hung Plate
U Bolt
GD Twisted Strap
Support Plate
Towing Plate
Ground Wire Hanger
Adjuster Plate (PT, DB type)
Double Yoke Plate
Yoke Plate with different types

Except Link fittings, Orient Power also produces insulator end fittings and other insulator hardware fittings connecting insulator and clamps.


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