Long rod composite insulator

Long rod composite insulator is important for transmission line. The main technique parameter and the long rod insulator advanced technology and advantages will be introduced for customers.

Long rod composite insulator

Long rod composite insulator main technique parameter:
All tests are in accordance with IEC61109
Maximum RIV is 100µV when tested at 1MHz and10% over nominal line ground voltage for indicated system voltage
All units for 220kv 230kv system voltage should be assembled one corona ring at the line end
All units for 345kv or greater system voltage should be assembled with two corona rings, one at each end.

To connect the fitting and the core rod, we adopt the crimping technology. We have full automatic sound wave detection testing system. The advantage of the long rod composite insulator is high mechanical strength, beautiful surface, small volume and light weight. It can be exchange with porcelain insulator used in different area. Orient Power can produce Long rod composite insulator as per our clients’ requirement.

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