Long rod insulators applications and advantages

Long rod insulators applications can be for tension and compression loads, direct current, being checked ultrasonically for mechanical soundness, etc. The wide applications depend on the long rod insulator advantages.

Long rod insulator

Long rod insulators applications and advantages:
Under ribs on sheds not required as the core parts between the sheds contribute to insulation
Protection against power arcs is achieved by the addition of protective fittings
> Cascade flashovers are not possible
> Immune to thermal puncture

Minimum use of metal parts, which minimizes corrosion problems and also provides
> Lower weight for a complete insulator set
> Simpler mounting of strings
> Low level of HF interference to radio and television transmissions

Long rod insulators can be used for tension and compression loads
Puncture proof:
Long rod insulators are solid core and the theoretical puncture path through the porcelain body is almost equal to the dry arcing distance. Since porcelain has several times the dielectric breakdown strength of air, flashover, if any, always occurs in the air outside the porcelain body.

The creepage distance is comprised of sheds and core parts which have
> Good self-cleaning properties with respect to climatic conditions
> Better insulation performance under pollution conditions

Packaging in crates offers the maximum protection during shipping and storage
Long rod insulators can be checked ultrasonically for mechanical soundness
Electrically and mechanically stressed zones are separated
Routine test load = 80% of the specified mechanical failing load

Long rod insulators are recommended for use in direct current applications because there is:
> No pin corrosion
> No ion migration
> No problems with thermal runaway effects

Minimum total life cycle costs through high reliability
Low surface leakage current resulting in reduced transmission losses
Self-fractures of long rod insulators made of aluminum oxide porcelain are not known
Insulator body made of aluminum oxide porcelain
> High mechanical strength
> Free of internal stresses
> No measurable aging
> Resistant to salt pollution
> High resistance to temperature variations
> High resistance to vandalism

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