Long rod insulators design

The basic Long rod insulators design evolves around three essential components. The core rod, sheath/housing or weathersheds and metal end fittings are the three essential factors.

Long rod insulators              Long rod insulator

Long rod insulators design:
Material Selection: Core - The mechanical strength member of polymer insulator is a fiberglass rod. Weathersheds - weathersheds for long rod insulators are manufactured from material silicone elastomers. Most of insulator manufacturers are favored for weathersheds with silicone rubber clearly showing the best performance over all other types. End Fittings - The end fittings are cast from either aluminum or malleable iron in sand castings.

Most of the Long rod insulators are molded from either EPDM or silicone elastomers, in one-piece having an aerodynamic design that is fully vulcanized to the core. The long rod insulators are terminated with end fittings that are swaged onto the core sealing the insulator from moisture reaching the core. Long rod insulators design or end fittings of the insulators are equipped with power arc interceptors. These serve to protect against loss of seal during flashover. Aluminum end fittings of a unique design are swaged onto the core there by effectively sealing the sleeved ends from moisture.

Long rod insulators design also should consider pollution severity levels, insulation, interference and corona, capacitance effects, and so on. During the long rod insulators design, the related insulator testing also should be done.

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