Long rod insulators production

Long rod insulators production includes insulating material, marking, cementing, insulator cap material (fittings), and inspection and testing. These insulators made of C-120 aluminum oxide porcelain as per IEC 60672.

Cementing   Inspection and testing

Long rod insulators production:
Insulating material:

The insulator body of the unit is made from high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, C-130, which conforms to IEC 60672 (1995-1999). By customer request, we can also manufacture from aluminum oxide porcelain, C-120. Glazing provides a dirt repellent surface. Glazing is normally brown in color; however grey can also be provided upon request.

Each porcelain long rod insulator carries the trademark of the Orient Insulators and of the manufacturing factory and the date of manufacture as well as the type designation and the specific mechanical failing load in accordance with standard IEC 60433.

Cementing is provided with a lead-antimony alloy as standard although it is also possible to provide Portland cement or sulfur cement.

Insulator cap material (fittings):
Insulator caps are manufactured in malleable cast iron, in minimum EN-GJMB-550-4 or EN-GJMW-450-7, according to standard DIN EN 1562 (1997). The caps are hot dip galvanized according to standard DIN EN ISO 1461 (1999) with a zinc weight of min. 600 g/m2 (min. 85 µm) average value.

Inspection and testing:
Porcelain long rod insulators are tested according to standard IEC 60383 (1993).
Inspection and Testing of Porcelain Long Rod Insulators according to Standard IEC 60383

Test programme:
Type tests: Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage test, Wet power-frequency withstand voltage test, Mechanical failing load test, Thermal-mechanical performance test, Verification of the dimensions
Sample tests: Mechanical failing load test, Verification of the dimensions, Verification of the displacements, Verification of the locking system, Temperature cycle test, Porosity test, Galvanizing test
Routine tests: Routine visual inspection, Routine mechanical test

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