Long rod polymer insulator

Long rod polymer insulator widely used in HV transmission lines. These composite insulators with wide application and advantages are composed of FRP rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fitting.

Long rod polymer insulator              Long rod polymer insulator

Long rod polymer insulator advantages, properties:
KEMA, CQC, SGS, WHVRI 5.ISO 9001:2000
High mechanical strength
Excellent electrical specification
Small volume and light weight
The sheds and sheath are integrally moulded
The insulator end is sealed with high temperature Vulcanized rubber at high pressure, to achieve triple protection, ensuring reliable end sealing
Adopt international advanced crimping technique for metal fitting connection
Adopt ECR core rod
The unique notched designs of metal fitting with notches of same thickness to prevent end discharge
The good hot galvanizing technique is adopted to avoid zinc coat dropping off during crimping

Long rod polymer insulator is used for HV transmission lines, suitable for all the area of different pollution level. We use the complete injection technology to solve the problem of in terface electric puncture which highly affect the reliability of Long rod polymer insulator.

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