Long rod polymer insulators advantages

Long rod polymer insulators advantages appear in the high strength to weight ratio, excellent insulating behavior, quality commitment, unbreakable to prevent accidents and good quality materials.

Long rod polymer insulators              Long rod polymer insulators

Long rod polymer insulators advantages:
High strength-to-weight ratio. At the same voltage level, the weight of the composite insulator is only 1/7 to 1/10 of porcelain insulator.
Excellent insulating behavior at simultaneous stress of both, moisture and pollution layer without cleaning due to the hydrophobicity transfer.
Quality commitment-40 years of life cycle.
Unbreakable to prevent accidents. Strong impact resistance can significantly reduce accidental damage caused during transport and assembly.
Materials are recognized to be safe for health.

Orient Power gathered all professional and technical personnel in composite external insulation area, including high-voltage technology, composite materials, polymer materials, rubber crafts, metal materials, materials testing, structural mechanics, machining, mold manufacturing, and formed a strong Research & Development team to ensure the Long rod polymer insulators advantages.

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