Long rod porcelain insulators

 Long rod porcelain insulators shall be suitable for being installed directly in air supported on suspension insulator hardware or anchored through tension insulator hardware at the power cross arms of single circuit, double circuit or multi circuit transmission line towers.

Long rod porcelain insulators

The design of the insulator Long Rods shall be such that all the stresses due to expansion or contraction in any part of the insulator under rapid temperature fluctuation, which may be created due to variation in the loads or fault of any nature, while in service shall not lead to any type of deterioration. Flat surface and corners shall not be allowed and shall be completely rounded off.

The porcelain shall not engage directly with the hard metal and all metal in contact with the cement shall be coated with the layer of chemically neutral and suitably yielding material or paint which shall act as a cushion and iubricant for the slight relative expansion and contraction of the parts.

Long rod porcelain insulators, the Long Rod shall be cap and pin type with the ball and socket coupling. The caps and pins of the Long Rod insulators shall be heavily galvanized and mechanically strong.


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