Low voltage insulators

Low voltage insulators were used in low voltage and low voltage ac and dc transmission lines, Low voltage insulators play the role of insulation and suspension wire. Low voltage insulator is usually made from glass or ceramic.

low voltage insulators-stay insulators     spool insulators

Common low voltage insulator:
Spool insulator: Spool insulator is usually symmetric, a round hole in the center to the fixed onto the cross arm or pole.

Shackle insulator: Shackle insulator also called Butterfly insulator, often used in the corner. Shackle insulators play the role of change the direction of the wire transfer. Commonly used in the voltage of 400v.

Stay insulator: Stay insulator also called guy strain insulator. Stay insulator generally have grey white and brown, used in the voltage of 400v.

Low voltage pin insulator: Some of the pin insulator which used in low voltage also used in low voltage line.

Low voltage insulator is widely used in the life. We use it sending electricity to the villagers. We use it in the corner of Building power lines. We also use it to make the pole firm.

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