MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System for Medium Voltage Networks

MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System for Medium Voltage Networks is one kind of Cable Accessories up to 52 kV, and the following is the details of its function, application, and other related info.

MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System for Medium Voltage Networks
The MV-CONNEX range is ideal for use in high load ring main units, circuit breaker switchgear, high voltage motors, transformers, capacitors, transducers and cable joint boxes. The connectors on the equipment side are designed to meet EN 50180 (bushings for liquid filled transformers up to 52 kV), EN 50181 (plug-in type bushings up to 36 kV for equipment other than filled transformers) and DIN 47637 (separable accessories for power cable for bushing with inside cone). The plug is suitable for most types of plastic-insulated cables. In addition to numerous standard versions, customer specific variations are also available for most cable types. The MV-CONNEX system boasts a wide diversity of variants, ranging from conventional socket and plug combinations to many system extensions for testing purposes and special applications.

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