Modular System

 The modular system was invented in the early sixties and has been continuously perfected since then. Up to now, Modular system has become a complete system in Insulator manufacturing industry.


It combines the advantages of the HTV-Silicone Rubber technology with the high flexibility of easy adaptation to specific insulator dimensions (especially the ratio between creepage and striking distance. As a result of having several pre-processes for the “modules”, this process cannot directly compete with injection moulding in terms of cost, despite a high degree of production automation for the individual processes.

Nowadays, the modular principle is considered as an excellent supplement to the production of standard insulators and serves as a suitable, proven alternative method for DC applications requiring high creepage distance. Furthermore, this process is typically used to produce for special applications and low volume orders with limited use where major tool investments are not justified. For applications in which sheds with under-ribs are required or preferred, this design feature can be easily met by the modular system.

We use process for all typical insulator applications, such as Suspension/tension insulators, Post insulators and Hollow core insulators.

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