Ohio brass porcelain insulators

Ohio brass porcelain insulators are famous in the world, and this article will introduce this type insulator and its properties.

Ohio brass porcelain insulators

Ohio brass porcelain insulators properties:
High reliability is achieved by long-term experience and accumulation of technology.
Porcelain insulators provided by Orient Power have good thermal-Mechanical Performance.
The mechanical strength of porcelain insulators depend on the quality of porcelain body and end fittings.
Accurate assembling without stress concentration
IEC 60433, IEC 60383, IEC 60672, EN 50119, ANSI C29
Maximum protection for insulator body under mechanical impact and flashover
Porcelain material is divided into different strength levels, and made by medium aluminum porcelain and high aluminum porcelain separately.

You can read more details about Ohio brass porcelain insulators on Orient Power website.

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