Optical voltage transformer

Optical voltage transformers are special electrical products, which can’t be replaced in the market, at 50Hz frequency in electrical grids and substations, Optical voltage transformers is a highly accurate solution for high voltage measurement. It is used to send electrical data to Smart Grid System, or protection systems.

Transmission station post insulator

Optical voltage transformers are made by two parts: sensor column and an electro-optical merging unit, the function of electro-optical merging unit is generation and receipt of optical signal, which is an important part for Optical voltage transformer.

Optical voltage transformer’s sensor column is a polymer insulator, which is made by silicone rubber cover the fiberglass plastic, the steel base is through hot dip galvanized steel, it is anticorrosion coating, the body of sensor column is corrosion resistant, the optical sensor is located inside the column body. Sensor column is used together with Electro-optical merging unit,

Electro-Optical merging unit is used to processing and analysis of data collected from sensors, external synchronization and digital signal output. Electro-Optical merging unit composed by electric and optical conversion unit, digital processing and analysis system, digital data forming system for IEC 61850-9-2 LE format, analogue data forming system for1B3 and 0.1 A.


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