Orient Power insulator manufacturer

Orient Power is an insulator manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. The company was established in 1978 by a group of professionals for qualitative excellence in Ceramic Electric Insulators.

Orient Power insulator manufacturer:
Orient Power is at the forefront of introducing new product styles for the domestic and export markets as per IS, DIN, IEC, and other international standards.
This has become possible due to product and process technology sourced from the world leaders coupled with continuing emphasis on in-house development in technology and adaptation to market requirements.

Today customers comment that Orient Power is amongst the most progressive porcelain manufacturing plants in China. Why? Because of Orient Power's new and innovative production flow systems and state of the art technology. These manufacturing concepts integrated with Orient Power's ISO 9001 Quality Programme with a strong emphasis on 'Kaizen' allows for manufacture and marketing of high quality Electrical Insulators.

Orient Power insulator manufacturer products:
We manufacture a variety of electrical insulators which includes:
Transformer Bushings
Hollow Bushings
Solid Core Insulators
Over Head Line Insulators
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Orient Power insulator

Orient Power insulator manufacturer quality systems:
Orient Power PORCELAIN is leading manufacturer and suppliers of Insulators. The plant is Equipped with comprehensive facilities to ensure production consistency and flexibility. An integrated approach to total quality management (TQM) through comprehensive training at all levels supported by full fledged test facilities ensure superior product performance and reliability. All products are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with not only all international standards but also stringent customer specific standards. This is supported by periodic testing at reputed laboratories. We have used information technology for production planning, scheduling and control.

Orient Power has built the foundation that it will use to continually strive for improvement in Safety, Quality and Customer Service. We have invested in our future.

Orient Power is the first company in China of its kind to achieve ISO 9001 registration. The gains made in the effort to achieve ISO registration and continuous improvement since then has put Orient Power in the top slot to provide unparalled quality and customer service. The implementation of the quality management system was an endeavor that required several years of dedicated work by the Orient Power family of employees.

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