Overhead Line Hardware

Overhead Line Hardware also called Overhead Line Fittings, and Tension clamps & Suspension Clamps are common types. Link fittings, vibration damper, bracket, and son on are also Overhead Line Hardware.

Overhead Line Hardware details:
Orient has been manufacturing suspension and jointing equipment since 1978. We offer a wide range of hardware and fittings for all types of conductor and voltages from LV networks up to 500kV transmission lines and substations.

While any form of galvanised steelwork can be manufactured to requirements we offer the standard earthing brackets, expulsion fuse switch brackets and transformer platforms.

Overhead Line Hardware   Overhead Line Hardware   Overhead Line Hardware

Overhead Line Hardware Benefits:
Hot Dip Galvanised to BS/IEC/ANSI specs
High breaking strength
OTDS designed and engineered to ensure perfect assembly.
Any galvanised steelwork can be manufactured to requirements.

Overhead Line Hardware Applications:
Overhead line rural electrification
Power, transmission and distribution systems

These mounting accessories are used as a method of supporting transformers or switches onto steel poles and wooden poles. To enquire about our range of overhead line hardware please email enquiry@orientinsulators.com

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