Overhead Line Materials, Overhead Line Equipment

Overhead Line Materials and Overhead Line Equipment are the main products of Orient Power. They are introduced through the picture, Benefits, Applications and other details of Overhead Line / Equipment.

ORIENT manufactures overhead line materials, conductors and accessories both for high and low voltage systems. All are offered with a comprehensive and fully compatible care free installation.
ORIENT offers a wide range of materials for complete distribution networks. Whether a 1km or 100km line, we can supply all the materials you need to reach your final destination.
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Overhead power lines are the crux of the UK’s National Grid system. Though they form the back bone of one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive power distribution networks, overhead line materials need to be manufactured and constructed with incredible care and attention to detail in order to adhere to recent strict safety standards and best engineering practices.
There are plenty of practical considerations to bear in mind when ordering overhead line equipment. Depending on their eventual application, overhead lines must be strong, robust and designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions to ensure maximum performance throughout all seasons. They need to be easy to install and maintain to keep labour costs low, but most importantly, they need to boast a long shelf life in order to be cost-effective.

Overhead Line Materials, Overhead Line Equipment

Unrivalled Distribution Solutions from ORIENT:
ORIENT makes use of the latest overhead line materials and techniques that have emerged from some of the world’s leading designers and engineers to develop products that are guaranteed to go the distance. Contemporary overhead line equipment is much less cumbersome than latter-day counterparts – in fact, modern overhead lines tend to be constructed from small, lightweight components, reducing their visual impact on the surrounding environment.
For more information on any of our overhead line materials and their various applications, including distribution poles, insulators and switchgear, please click on our individual product pages. You can also discuss your project in greater detail with a member of our team for expert advice and professional recommendations.

Overhead Line Materials, Overhead Line Equipment Benefits: UK Manufactured material, Quick Delivery, 24hr Customer Service
Overhead Line Materials, Overhead Line Equipment Applications: 11kV- 33kV Networks

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