Overhead Power Transmission Line Hardware HT & LT

Overhead Power Transmission Line Hardware HT & LT includes pole line hardware, pole line hardware fittings, conductor accessories, roof top fittings, OPGW fittings, cross arm & accessories, etc.

Overhead Power Transmission Line Hardware HT & LT types:
Pole Line Hardware: Tension Assembly, Suspension Assembly, 11kV / 33kV Hardware Assembly
Pole Line Hardware Fittings: Anchor Shackle, Adjustable Plate, Aluminium Stirrups for Centre Binding, Aerial Bundle Cable Fittings, Ball Hooks, Ball Hooks Horn Holder, Ball Eyes/Ball Link, Ball Eyes/Ball Link Horn Holder, Ball Clevises, Bolt, Nut & Washer, Double Eye Bolt, Eye Bolt, Half Arcing Horn, HV Pole Clamps, Insulator Pin, Insulator Pin 11kV/22kV, Insulator Pin 33kV, Line Side Arcing Horn, LV Pole Clamps, M20 Eye Bolt, Pilot Pin, Pigtail Hook, Socket Eyes, Socket Eye Horn Holder, Socket Clevises, Shackle Straps, Suspension Clamps, Tie Rod & Nut, Twisted Straps, Turn Buckles, Triangular Bracket, Tension Clamp (Compression Type), U Clamp, U Bolts, Y type Socket Clevises, Y Fittings
Conductor Accessories: Midspan Compression Joints, Repair Sleeves, Pre-formed Armour Rods, Parallel Groove Clamps, Vibration Dampers, Compression Dead End for Hyena, Compression Dead End for Jaguar, Helical Fittings, Compression Connectors, DOG Conductor Accessories
Roof Top Fittings
OPGW Fittings: Double Suspension Set for Twin ACSR, Double Tension Set for Twin ACSR, Jumper Spacer for Twin ACSR, OPGW Suspension Set, OPGW Tension Set, Single Suspension Set for Twin ACSR, Single Tension Set for Twin ACSR, Spacer Damper for Twin ACSR, Vibration Damper for OPGW
Cross Arm & Accessories: U Channel, 3 Way Insulator Arm, Crossarm, Crossarm Tie Strap, Cross Arm Bolts, Cross Arm H Pole, Cross Arm Tie, Cross Arm Channel
Earth Wire & Hardware: Earth Wire(Steel Hot Dip Galvanised & Stranded), Earth Wire Accessories
Pole Stay Wire & Stay Set: Stay Wire (Steel Hot Dip Galvanised & Stranded), Stay Set for Anchoring Pole, Stay Swivels & Thimble, Earth Plate
Porcelain & Composite Insulators: 11 kV Pin Insulators, 33 kV Pin Insulators, Disc Insulators, Silicon Rubber Pin Insulator, Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator
Low Tension Insulators & Hardware: Low Tension Shackle Insulators, Guy / Strain Insulators, Service/Coach Screw Insulators, "D" Iron Brackets, Shackle Straps, Aluminium Line Taps
Sub-station Clamps & Connectors: Pad type clamp for conductor, Straight connector for STUD & Conductor, TEE Connectors for conductor, Connector for ALU Bus Bar & AAAC/ACSR Conductor, Bus Support Clamps for Al. Tube: Rigid / Sliding Type, Bus Support Clamps for Al. Tube: Expansion Type (with current bridge), Expansion Type Connector for Equipment Pad & Al. Tube, Expansion Type Connector for Equipment Stud & for Al. Tube Suitable for equipment having vertical stud, External Type Corona Bell - For Al. Tubes, Spacer for Twin AAAC/ACSR Conductor, Earthling Saddle for Conductor, Copper Connectors (For 11KV & 33KV), 11KV Bus Support Flexible Connectors, Corona Bell, 33/11 KV Bus Support Clamp (Flexible), 33 KV Bus Support (Rigid & Sliding), 11 KV Bus Support (Rigid/Sliding)

Overhead Power Transmission Line Hardware HT & LT include so that many types that the types shown above are only parts of Orient Power products. More details please contact Orient Power.

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