PV Power Plant

PV power plant is one of the most eco-friendly projects. During both the construction and operation period, there are no pollutions e.g. sight, air, sound pollution emitted to the surrounding area.

PV Power Plant:
So PV Power Plant is the factory which can safely be located near a community.
All two main equipments in the PV power plant i.e. solar modules and inverter are electronic devices so there are no moving parts in the electricity generating process which means the machine wearing out is not an issue here.

The electricity generating process starts when the modules harvest the energy in sunlight to excite its free electron to move through circuit line, making a direct current which is transferred into alternating current by inverter. After that the alternating current will be fed through power transformer so its voltage is here adjusted to the level that can be connected to the public grid line. The generated electricity from PV power plant is very clean and has a good quality as it contains only limited number of distortion signal because of the sophisticated inverter and its supporting international standard.

No heavy machines are needed during the construction phase and most of the work is related to leveling the land and piling the poles for mounting structures. Time used for connecting solar modules together is very short because almost every device is designed into modules and package.

To be designed in complete set, the transportation and installation of equipments is very easy and not time-consuming. There are no high-building in the plant as the highest mounting structure in general is only 1.5 meter tall and one-storey control building which the only building is inside. The PV Power Plant diagrammatic drawing is as following picture.

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