Pin post insulators

Pin post insulators are a combination of the insulator and the advantages of line post insulator. Pin post insulators commonly used in power distribution lines. The color of Pin post insulators: gray, white and grey.

Pin post insulators is substitute for pin insulator, but pin post insulators also has the characteristics of line post insulator, pin post insulators used more widely than pin insulator.

Pin post insulators

According to the using area, pin post insulators can be divided into normal pin post insulators and anti-pollution pin post insulator. Normal pin post insulators commonly used on less pollution area distribution circuit. Anti-pollution pin post insulator more use in littoral region and pollution is more serious area.

The voltage grade of pin post insulators: 11kV/12kV, 15kV, 22kV/24kV, 25kV, 33kV/36kV, 35kV

Pin post insulators have a larger creepage distance. Pin post insulators are unable be punctured.

The bending strength of pin post insulators is not fixed. We can according your request to provide you pin post insulators with corresponding bending strength.

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