Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator is 11 KV, 5KN, 340 Creepage Distance Pin type Insulator with rod. The service conditions and standards are the shown in the following, and custom insulator is available, too.

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator:
This specification covers design, manufacture, testing, inspection, packing and supply of composite insulators for use in the 11 KV overhead transmission lines situated in any part of Orient.
Long rod insulators for AAAC/ACSR conductors in tension application at dead end/angle/cut point. The insulators shall be of ball and socket type as desired by the purchaser.
The Bidder should be original manufacturer of the composite insulators and shall have all the facilities to manufacturing and in house testing or their product.

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator service conditions:
The composite insulators to be supplied against this specification shall be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under following tropical conditions.
Maximum Ambient Air Temperature C: 50
Minimum Ambient Air Température C: 0
Average daily ambient Air Temperature C: 40
Relative humidity (%): 10 to 100
Average rainfall per annum (mm): 1150
Maximum altitude above mean sea level – Mtr: 1000
Isoceraunic level (Days/Year) (i.e. Average number of Thunderstorm): 30
Maximum wind pressure (Kg/Sq. meters): 200
Seismic level i.e Earthquake Acceleration: 0.08
a) Horizontal Seismic Co-efficient (acceleration – g (Zone-5)
b) Vertical Seismic Co-efficient (acceleration – g (Zone-5)
Normal climate: 0.08
Humid and polluted by dust & smoke: Moderate hot

As Orient is having large area with seahorse having saline atmosphere, the insulators if installed in such area shall be able to function satisfactorily.

Pin type Composite Polymer Insulator standards:
Following Indian/International Standards, which shall mean latest revision, with amendments/changes adopted and published, unless specifically stated otherwise in the specifications, shall be referred while accessing conformity of insulators with these specification.

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