Plastic Guy

Plastic Guy is a kind of guards. This type of pole line fitting includes many types, and each type has its own features, materials, applications, and other difference. The detailed information is as follows.

Plastic Guy   Plastic Guy   Plastic Guy

Plastic Guy details:
Features: Provide a strong, highly visible, economical safeguard from exposed guy wires and anchor rods.
Material: They are produced from high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene or PVC with ultraviolet stabilizers added for color retention.

2-Inch Diameter Polyethylene - Full Round:
Full Round Guard with Galvanized Clamp
The 2-inch diameter full round design permits complete coverage of the guy wire and anchor rod for maximum protection and improved visibility. The guards are produced from high impact resistant polyethylene which is ultraviolet stabilized for long life and resistance to fading. A 3-inch long partial cutout is located at one end to facilitate installation of the galvanized bolted clamp assembly. This clamp assembly provides a secure metal to metal connection to guy wire sizes 3/16-inch through 1/2-inch diameter. The other end of the guard is secured around the guy wire by hand insertion of the one way, spiked plastic rivet.

2-1/2 - Inch Diameter PVC - Two Thirds Round:
Two-Thirds Round Guard
The 2-1/2-inch diameter, two-thirds round design provides excellent visibility and permits installation over anchor rods up to 1-1/4-inch diameter. The guards are produced from high impact resistant PVC with ultraviolet stabilizers added for retention of color under U.V. conditions. Four sets of holes are located along the guard to permit flexibility of mounting positions. Two different attachment methods are available—bolted clamp assemblies or wire ties. The bolted clamp guards are supplied with three galvanized clamp assemblies which enable tamper resistant attachment to guy wire diameters 3/16-inch through 1/2-inch and to anchor rods up to 1-1/4-inch diameter. The wire tie guards are supplied with three wire ties for a fast, low cost method of guard attachment.

1-1/4 Inch Diameter - Full Round:
Full round Helical Pigtail Guards provide an economical, quick and easy installation without the need for any installation tools.
These guards utilize a 23-inch long, helically formed polyethylene pigtail which is wrapped around the guy strand to provide an efficient tool-free installation to guy strand sizes 3/16-inch through 1/2-inch.
One end of the helical pigtail is secured to the guy guard body with a marine grade aluminum rivet positioned 5 feet above the bottom of the guard.
The bottom of the guard includes a one-way locking nylon strap for additional installation security and resistance to unauthorized removal.
PVC -High Impact Resistant - UV Stabilized
Polyethylene - High Impact Resistant - UV Stabilized

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