Pole line hardware

Pole line hardware includes Cross arm, Tie strap, bracket, D Iron, Pole clip for concrete pole, Pole line clamp, stay rod, clevis, Thimble, bolt and nut, tension clamp, Suspension clamp, and other types.

Cross arm of pole line hardware:
500x65x65x6mm Cross arm
50x50x5 cross arm
Bracket Top Pole 33kv
76x76x6mm Cross arm
Cross arm

Tie strap Pole line hardware: 590x40x6 Tie strap, Bracket
Tie strap Specification:
Tie straps was used for high voltage; intermediate poles and be supplied with four full nuts. The material of the strap was to the latest issue of BS of twisted 40x6.0 mm flat steel to the latest issue of BS, strength grade designation 4.6 and meets the requirements for mechanical properties detailed in the latest issue of BS, associated nuts were in accordance with the latest issue of BS

40x6mm D Iron Technical Data:
Material: Mild steel Q235
Grade: 43A or equivalent
Bolt & nut: HDG Steel
Finish: Hot dip galvanized to BS 729

Pole clamp: Pole clip for concrete pole, stay rod, Pole line clamp

Thimble: TC-70 Thimble, T-70 Thimble, middle Thimble
Guy Thimble (Hot-dip galvanized)
Guy Thimble has open ends for use with oval eyebolt in guying assemblies.

Pole line hardware

Pole line hardware

Pole line hardware

Bolt and nut Pole line hardware:
Eye bolt: M20 forged eye bolt & nut assembled
Material: M20 x 2.5mm Pitch Class 4.6 Mild Steel Hot Dip Galvanize
Eye nut, 3/4''x22'' Double arming bolt, hex bolt&nut
U-1880 U-bolt Pole line hardware
Bolt Double arming bolt: Double Arming Bolts are rolled threaded with buffer points at both ends. Manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards
M16 M20 Square bolt: Machine Bolts are hot dip galvanized, with rolled threads and lineman preferred square head and nut. Bolts more than 6 inches in length are made with buffer point. Manufactured in accordance ANSI standards C135.1 – 1979
M16 M20 Square nut

Clamp Pole line hardware:
NLL tension clamp, Bolt type Tension clamp (Clamp Deaden Strain AL): Clamp bodies and keeper pieces are cast in high strength aluminum alloy that is non-copper bearing. U-Bolts, Clevis Pin and associated components are steel. Cotter Keys are stainless steel. Socket Eye and Clevis used as connectors are ductile iron of great strength and maybe ordered inclusive or separately from the clamp.
Suspension clamp

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