Polymer dead-end insulators

The raw materials of polymer dead-end insulators are ECR fibreglass, hot dip galvanized cast steel and HTV Silicone Rubber. These materials ensure the advantages of polymer deadend insulators.

Polymer dead-end insulator            Polymer dead-end insulator

Polymer dead-end insulators raw materials and advantages:
The end fitting is made of high strength, forged steel.
The core is made of resin-impregnated glass fibres free from defects.
The design of insulator shed adopted unique aerodynamics principle.
The sheds are made from the characteristic to repel water of polymer material.
Simple maintenance, Unbreakable, Variation in Design, Wide range of service temperatures
Unbreakable: for porcelain insulator or glass insulator, these are fragile.
Suitable for the middle and above contamination areas, particularly in the heavy contamination areas
Overall injection molding

Polymer insulators can be classified into transmission insulators, distribution insulators and station or apparatus post insulators according to the position of use. Polymer dead-end insulators are distribution and transmission insulators for overhead lines.

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