Polymer design tests

Polymer design tests include Tracking test, Ultraviolet Test, Corona Cutting, Oxidative Stability, Tear Strength, and so on. These design tests must be performed to certify a material for use in production.

Polymer design test

Polymer design tests:
Tracking test:
Performed on a sample of material inclined at 15° and electrodes positioned 35 mm apart. Samples are sprayed with a conductive solution (400?cm) and energized at 10kV. The cycle is repeated every 90 seconds. The sample passes if there is:
1. No carbonization or tracking.
2. No erosion through sample.
3. No leakage current flow at the end of 90 seconds.
The sample must withstand 20,000 test cycles.

Ultraviolet Test:
Samples of the rubber must be tested in a QUV tester or equivalent cyclic weatherometer. The samples are exposed to high ultraviolet radiation and high humidity without cracking, checking, or becoming hydrophilic. The sample is judged to have passed this test if it exceeds 8,000 hours of exposure without damage.

Corona Cutting:
Samples 5 cm by 7 cm are subjected to mechanical stress of 300,000 microstrain by bending samples over a grounded electrode. A needle-like electrode is placed 1 mm from the surface of the sample and energized at 12 kV in a controlled humidity chamber. The sample is judged to have passed this test if there is no splitting or cutting during 1,000 hours of exposure to these test conditions.

Oxidative Stability:
Samples of the polymer compound are tested using differential scanning calorimetry. Samples are heated rapidly in a nitrogen atmosphere to the test temperature of 200°C. The atmosphere is then changed to air, and the temperature is maintained until the antioxidant is consumed, as measured by an exothermic chemical reaction. The time for this reaction to occur must exceed 300 minutes.

Tear Strength:
Rubber test slabs are prepared in accordance with ASTM Standards and are tested to determine tear strength of the material. The minimum acceptable tear strength is 150 lb/in.

Other Requirements:
The manufacturer must supply upon request a listing of routine tests performed to ensure production compliance with design tests.

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