Polymer disc insulator manufacturers

Most of Polymer disc insulator manufacturers have designed and manufactured anti-pollution type polymer disc insulator with the fibreglass core, silicone rubber sheds and metal fittings.

Polymer disc insulator              Polymer disc insulator

Polymer disc insulator manufacturers’ technology:
Polymer disc insulator manufacturers designed and manufactured anti-pollution type composite disc insulator with fibreglass rod core instead of porcelain core. Composite disc insulator consists of a glass fiber core, sheds and metal fittings. The inner insulation is made of high-strength fiberglass, can bear the whole mechanical load in the running. The shed is made of composite material and the raw material is silicone rubber by the high-temperature injection technology, it has provided insulation and necessary creepage distance, to ensure the polymer disc insulator running long-term and safety in the atmosphere environment. The porcelain insulator breaks due to the brittleness may hurt the workers and equipments around, because no wrapping to porcelain core by shed can reduce the harmful influence to the workers at working site and other electrical equipments around.
By the way, some insulator manufacturers can design and manufacture composite post insulators with the porcelain core, which made of high-strength porcelain by isostatic pressing processing technology, silicone rubber sheds and metal fittings.

There are many Polymer disc insulator manufacturers in the world, especially in China. As one of the Polymer disc insulator manufacturers, their composite insulators passed the tracking and erosion test at CESI Mannheim, Germany.

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