Polymer disc insulators

Polymer disc insulators can be used on distribution lines, high voltage transmission lines, EHV, UHV, HVDC transmission lines.

Polymer disc insulators 

Polymer disc insulators specifications / properties:
Rated voltage: 10kV~35kV
Material: silicon rubber
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
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Polymer disc insulators are mainly suitable for urban and rural power distribution network line. Has good hydrophobic tracking resistance, aging resistance, and electrical erosion resistance, high tensile strength and bending strength of its high mechanical strength, good shock resistance, shock and can prevent brittleness, small volume, light weight, polymer insulator is not easy and broken, to transportation, installation and maintenance has brought great convenience, the top and bottom mounting dimensions and corresponding porcelain pin type to install the same size, can be used interchangeably.

Polymer disc insulators are manufactured in accordance with the standards: IEC 61109, ANSI C29.11 and ANSI C29.12.

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