Polymer insulator production details

Polymer insulator production details include Injection molding, Crimping, Production Testing, and Stocking. Polymer insulator production details show the advanced technology and equipment we adopted.

Injection molding:
Housings (both materials) are injection molded using the latest technology. The housings are continuous (one piece) and completely and securely bonded to the core throughout the entire length of the housing/core interface.

Silicone and EPDM insulators (for each voltage class) are molded using the same mold so that the housings are identical except for the rubber material. Cold runner injection molding is used to ensure that the housings are free from defects and that waste is kept to a minimum.

Specialized crimping equipment was purchased to provide uniform and reproducible crimping pressure for the assembly of the end fitting onto the core rod. Crimping to pressure was chosen as the preferred method to ensure that all end fittings would have the same strength of attachment to the core. Crimping is verified through an extensive series of QA tests described below.

Production Testing:
Insulators are manufactured in a tightly controlled process. Molds are of the highest quality and durability to ensure that the injection molded parts are uniform and free from objectionable parting lines, blisters, etc. Each assembled insulator is routine proof tested to 7,500 lbs. prior to packaging.

Each day production is verified by performing tensile tests to destruction on samples from the production run. Statistical recording and analysis of destruction tests ensures that the insulators meet the requirements of the relevant standards and Orient's drawings.

Production and test equipment are calibrated and checked on a regular schedule to ensure a consistent process.

Production is made to sales forecasts and a minimum inventory level specified for each Catalog number to ensure that insulators are in stock at all times and available for immediate shipment to meet customers' needs.

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