Polymer long rod insulators advantages

Polymer long rod insulators advantages can be introduced from five sides and their advantages can widely meet the requirements of customers. Polymer long rod insulators advantages are as follows.

Polymer long rod insulator            Polymer long rod insulator

Polymer long rod insulators advantages:
Most insulators currently in use are porcelain ceramic insulators, but over the last decades composite insulators – that were developed 30 years ago - have increased their market share, which is constantly increasing for their important advantages:
Safety for workers and apparatus, Because of their design, materials and technology of manufacturing, hollow composite insulators can’t explode like porcelain insulators in case of fault. Porcelain is a very rigid and brittle material and in case of a manufacturing defect (not always possible to detect) or for a high thermal stress, can break. For gas insulated apparatus in normal service conditions (usually service pressure is 8-9 MPa) or under internal overpressures (above 1, 2 MPa), the fault of a porcelain could mean a real explosion with “porcelain bullets” thrown at high distances. Fault of composite insulators, if any, is a yielding of fibers which lead to the release of the internal pressure or overpressure. This is for sure one of the main advantages of hollow composite insulators in comparison with porcelain insulators, considering the usual presence of people working in the installations but also nearby private houses and offices;
High hydrophobicity of the silicon which means no need to wash their housing from time to time (less maintenance costs);

Very short lead time of composite insulators manufactured in TCI HV Division in comparison to average lead time of high voltage porcelain insulator manufacturers;

Lighter weight compared to porcelain insulators and this is a double advantage in terms of cheaper transportation costs and of possibility to design leaner (that means less expensive) electrical apparatus;

Polymer long rod insulators are less fragile compared to porcelain insulators and this make their handling much easier and faster during the assembly of apparatus or during their installation in service, moreover, in case of damage of the silicon shed, very often it can be repaired.

Polymer long rod insulators advantages are not only details above, but also include their applications, such as can be used on high voltage transmission lines, EHV lines and UHV lines.

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