Polymer pin insulator

Polymer pin insulator is popular medium voltage insulators used for power lines made from silicone rubber or High-density polyethylene insulator with high mechanical and electrical property.

Polymer pin insulator

Polymer or Plastic insulator can use in overhead electrical distribution system, compacted or conventional distribution aerial nets. It suits for polluted area or salty coastal area in tropical zone.

HDPE insulators can be applied with jacketed or bare overhead conductors, aluminum or copper, and mainly applied in electrical system of 15KV, 25KV and 35KV.

The Characteristics of polymer pin insulator:
1. High Chemical Resistance
2. Unbreakable and Light Weight
3. Excellent Track-Resistant
4. High resistance to traction, flexion and impact
5. Low Initial Cost
6. Water Repelling Surface
7. May be fixed by elastomeric ring or pre shaped plastic
8. Durable Metal Treads
9. Long Service Life
10. Easiest Handling and Transportation lace

Plastic or HDPE insulators is new material insulators used on overhead lines, and molded in one-piece with fire retardant fiber filler. High-density polyethylene insulator offer the excellent chemical resistance, good electrical properties, low moisture absorption, and high tensile strength.


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