Polymer suspension insulators

Orient standard polymer suspension insulators with high mechanical and electrical strength are designed to meet the most modern demands for distribution line usage today.

polymer suspension insulators                composite suspension insulator

For decades all medium voltage insulator for suspension insulators products have demonstrated reliable performance in various types of applications all over the world.

What is the sample test for polymer suspension insulators?
They are usually carried out on a small number of insulators and only once for a new design or manufacturing process of polymer suspension insulator and then subsequently repeated only when the design or manufacturing process is change. This way is also called sample test.

The two suspension type insulators have available for any voltage and contamination level by changing number of insulators, Mechanical strength up to 210kN.

Orient Power suspension insulators are made to be more cost effective than pin type insulators when it comes to high voltage transmission. Polymer suspension insulators are what originally made high voltage transmission possible, and consists of individual units designed to support a particular voltage.

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