Polymer suspension insulators,suspension insulators

Polymer suspension insulators are manufactured in accordance with the standards: IEC 61109, ANSI C29.11 and ANSI C29.12 and used on high voltage, extra voltage and ultra-voltage lines.

Polymer suspension insulator              Polymer suspension insulator


Polymer suspension insulators properties:
Voltage level: 1 – 500 kV (>800 kV in multiple component design)
End fittings in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471, ANSI C29
Hardware: Ball & Socket, Clevis / Tongue
Creepage distances: Standard and Fog Profiles
Ball & socket type insulator, completed with the spilt cotter key.
Clevis and tongue type insulator, completed with hump type cotter key.
In addition, a large selection of fittings can be used.

The unique design of our polymer suspension insulators and the variations possible on account of our patented modular system permit a combination of different installation lengths with different shed profiles and sizes.

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