Polymer vs porcelain insulator

Polymer vs porcelain insulator has a lot of different places, such as materials, properties and standards etc. you can learn some knowledge about Polymer vs porcelain insulator through this article. As a professional suspension insulator manufacturer, we mainly supply porcelain suspension insulator and composite suspension insulator

porcelain insulator            polymer insulator

The superiority of polymer insulators over porcelain insulators leads to several differences in characteristics and application criteria for electrical insulation systems.

Polymer vs porcelain insulator has some advantages:
1. Excellent impact resistance
2. Better performance in high contamination areas, such as polymer suspension insulator can self-cleaning.
3. Good resistance to soiling and flashover
4. throughout entire service life
5. Light weight, easy to install and transport
6. Consistent mechanical and electrical performance
7. Good shock resistance collision resist

The Polymer vs porcelain insulator has some disadvantages:
l. Porcelain insulator has longer term life than polymer insulator
2. Porcelain insulator is made from the natural materials, don’t make the pollution, the materials can be recycled.
3. The porcelain material is resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity of polymers. For example disc suspension insulators are used on overhead line, the birds can destroy the surface of suspension insulator.

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