Polymeric Pin Insulator

Polymeric Pin Insulator is also called composite pin insulator, consists of an insulating core-fiberglass rod protected by a housing and insulator end fittings.

Polymeric Pin Insulator

Polymeric Pin Insulator is made from HTV Silicone Rubber intended to be mounted rigidly on a supporting structure by means of a pin passing up inside the housing which is moulded or cast by circumferential crimping process.

The advantages of Polymeric Pin Insulator
◆ Good mechanical performance. Fiberglass reinforced core rod is higher 3 to 4 times than porcelain insulators. And having particularly strong axial tension, Strong vibration absorption capability, high seismic damping properties
◆ Excellent Anti-pollution performance. Good hydrophobicity resistance can improve their anti-fog resistance
◆ Excellent corrosion resistance.
◆ Good anti-aging properties. Composite insulator grading ring can improve the electric field distribution, ease charged end sheds aging.

Polymeric pin insulator ranges from 10kv to36kv, for higher voltage composite pin insulators, please kindly send us your specifications.


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