Polymeric insulator post

Polymeric insulator post is a kind of silicone rubber insulators, and can be used on substation, railway and electrical equipment.

Polymeric insulator post

Polymeric insulator post features:
It is used on 15kV to 750kV station and substation.
We have experience with the manufacture of post insulators for 25 years.
Insulating parts and metal parts comprise the entire station post insulator.
Arc protection devices such as arcing horns and corona rings also known as grading rings for field/corona reduction are available as standard solutions.
Composite station post insulator applies ANSI C29.19 international standard.
Use in industry-specific solutions: Device and plant construction, e.g. busbar supports

Polymeric insulator post manufactured by Orient will satisfy all requirements from customers, and it will be a better choice for you.

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