Porcelain ceramic insulators

Porcelain ceramic insulators include transformer bushings, low voltage pin, cap & pin, pin insulators, post insulators, Low Voltage Distribution Transformer Bushings, Long Rod Insulators, Line Post Insulators, and low voltage insulators.

Porcelain ceramic insulator   Porcelain ceramic insulator

Porcelain ceramic insulators types and applications:
Transformer Bushing application: Transformer bushing for outdoor and indoor is used as structure carrying on conductor through a partition from the transformer tank.

Low Voltage Pin application: These insulators are fitted on low voltage overhead lines (1.1 KV) for fixing of conductor to poles and in the distribution system of the town with leakage path 150 mm up to 280 mm with bending load up to 18 KN depend on the spindle the client is going to fix it with.
Cap & Pin application: Cap and pin insulators are generally used on over head transmission and distribution network to evacuate bulk power over long distances.
The insulators could be in suspension or tension made in string from to insulate the conductor from tower.
Normal, Anti-fog and Open profile can be used according to pollution degree.
We manufacture Anti-fog type up to 210 KN electro-mechanical strength insulator from 190mm to 550 mm leakage path for networks up to 500 KV. In a straight head design, the insulator’s pin includes zinc sleeve.
Every insulator is tested with hydraulic pressure and combination of high and power frequency electrical test; followed with routine mechanical and electrical test as per IEC standard assembling with cement and metal parts.

Pin Insulators applications:
Pin insulators are used on medium voltage over head distribution lines (15, 25 and 36 KV) for fixing conductors to tower bodies to distribute power from substation to town and inside the town networks. The insulators are manufactured with leakage path from 325 mm up to 1400 mm. Supplied with its spindle which has mechanical strength up to 10 KN (bending strength) or subject to the client requirements.

Post Insulators applications:
The post insulators are used in medium voltage 12,25 KV with leakage path 440 mm up to 1047 mm mechanical strength up to 4 KN and can be used both indoor and outdoor application.

Low Voltage Distribution Transformer Bushings application:
The low voltage distribution transformer bushings with creepage distance up to 100 mm are manufactured with support the low voltage side of the transformer to carry the output cables up to 3150A.

Long Rod Insulators applications:
Long rod insulators are applied on medium and high voltage overhead distribution and transmission lines for suspension or tension of conductor to tower bodies.
We produce long insulator with ball and socket coupling.
Long rod insulators are absolutely puncture-proof and excellent anti-pollution performance.
Long rod insulators are made with ceramic materials and it can be manufactured other voltage levels also with higher leakage path. It can also be supplied with customer’s request.

Line Post Insulators applications:
Line post insulators are applied on medium voltage overhead distribution lines (36 KV) for fixing conductors to tower bodies and used in the distribution systems of the town. We manufacture these insulators with leakage path from 560 mm up to 1320 mm supplied with its spindle which has mechanical strength up to 12.5 KN

Stay Insulators applications:
Stay insulators give protection in the event of accidentally broken live wire that can accidentally energizing a stay wire and remaining in contact with line which doesn’t trip. In such cases. The bottom portion of the stay would have no voltage due to insulation, Stay insulator will normally installed in the middle of stay wire.
Three types of stay insulators are generally used for rural and railway these are: 1.1 KV stay, 15 kV stay, 36 kV stay

Low Voltage Spool & Shackle Insulators applications:
These insulators are applied on low voltage overhead distribution lines for fixing of conductors to poles.
This group of our manufacturing range includes low voltage insulators (Shackle, Spool) standardized in accordance with DIN and ANSI standard application.

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