Porcelain disc suspension insulator

Our porcelain disc suspension insulator for transmission lines is produced in accordance with international standards and the respective customer specification for applications in the area of energy distribution and transmission in mechanical classes up to 530kN tensile force.

Porcelain disc suspension insulator              ceramic suspension insulator

Porcelain disc suspension insulator tests:
Orient Power comprises a manual of test methods to be followed in making tests to determine the characteristics of porcelain disc suspension insulators. The tests confirm the quality and performance of the porcelain disc suspension insulator above and beyond standard test results. Insulators shall be clearly and indelibly marked according to ANSI, IEC standard.

Electricity has become an integral part of human life and as we move towards 21st century it plays an even more significant role in our day to day life. Porcelain disc suspension insulators are essential requirement for the smooth distribution of Electrical Power. We manufacture these porcelain disc suspension Insulators adhering to stringent quality of International Standards.

Extra-High strength porcelain disc suspension insulator is used for electrical systems that involve extremely heavy mechanical loads. Electrical insulators meet or exceed all ANSI standards in both electrical and mechanical characteristics for their voltage class.

We are also happy to offer our customers a customized full-service solution tailored ideally to their requirements.

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