Porcelain electrical insulator

Porcelain electrical insulator provided by Orient Power have good thermal-Mechanical Performance. The insulation part is porcelain.

Porcelain electrical insulator            Porcelain electrical insulator

Porcelain electrical insulator advantages:
The porcelain insulators made of wet process porcelain with no defects on the surface.
Forming and assembling are the main manufacturing process of porcelain insulator.
They are non-rigid supporting type because of their material of ceramic.
Use in industry-specific solutions: Device and plant construction, Railway electrification, Medium voltage transformers, Distribution networks.
Automated mass production system
Enamel colors: Brown RAL 8017 and Grey ANSI 70

Gray glaze is supplied on all standard strength insulators unless otherwise specified. High voltage porcelain electrical insulator relative permeability determines the quality of products, and the lower relative permeability made a higher quality. The workmanship of wet-process porcelain insulators determines the thermal-Mechanical Performance of products.

We are also happy to offer our customers Porcelain electrical insulator and a customized full-service solution tailored ideally to their requirements.

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