Porcelain insulator manufacturing process

Porcelain insulator manufacturing process is based on raw materials, works and machine. The prime constituents of electrical porcelain are flint, feldspar, ball clays and china clay (Kaolin).

Porcelain insulator manufacturing process

Porcelain of Porcelain insulator manufacturing process:
Additionally, aluminum oxide (alumina) is substituted for some or all of the flint to obtain stronger porcelain bodies. Glaze formulas are similar to that of the body material except for an increase in glass-forming and fluxing ingredients. All of the raw materials for porcelain insulators must be carefully selected for quality and mixed in exacting quantities.

Porcelain insulator manufacturing process:
First stage insulator manufacturing process: Raw material — insulator inspection — crush and mixture — grinding and screening — de-ironing — filtering — kneading and aging
Middle insulator manufacturing process: vacuum pugging — electro – drying — shaping — inspection — glazing and sanding — insulator inspection — firing
Last stage manufacturing process: assembling with fittings if needed — curing — inspection — routine test and sample test according to IEC60383 or ANSI29.1 — packing for delivery

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