Porcelain insulators for railway applications

Porcelain insulators for railway applications are widely, such as Overhead line catenary, Pantograph Post and Posts and rods for Air disconnect switches. There are three kinds of mating fittings.


Porcelain insulators for railway applications details:
After more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing railway porcelain insulators, ORIENT has developed a new concept to improve safety and performance while optimizing cost considerations for our customers.

Our research, in conjunction with national and transnational railway companies, yielded a high-grade design for C130 porcelain material with the optimum cement for assembly and fittings. The high grade quality properties of this porcelain material allow a smaller core diameter, smaller sized fittings and make the insulator lighter than porcelain from other manufacturers.

Three kind of assemblies for mating fittings to the Porcelain insulators for railway applications: Lead antimony alloy, Sulfur cement, Portland cement

Overhead line catenary   Overhead line catenary   Pantograph Post   Posts and rods for Air disconnect switches

Porcelain insulators for railway applications types:
Overhead line catenary: ORIENT single piece core insulators are designed to work in the horizontal position or angle mounted on a crossarm provides maximum safety for the electrical line connection with the train
Pantograph Post: ORIENT can provide a large range of insulators according to each use for locomotive and rail line builders. Our design department can assist with custom solutions
Posts and rods for Air disconnect switches: Considering each on-site installation, our ORIENT insulators are available to work upright, underhung or even in the horizontal position

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