Porcelain pin insulator

The porcelain pin insulator is commonly used in power distribution systems and the porcelain pin insulator lightening impulse strengths have also been studied for many years.

pin insulator

The tests were conducted under dry and wet conditions and positive and negative lightening impulses. The evaluated pole lengths are from 0.3m to 2.4m.
The CFO voltages of a porcelain pin insulator plus a fiberglass pole have relationship with the tested pole lengths that increase linearly. The insulation failure of this type of combined insulation structure is also related to the surface flashover. Therefore, the CFO voltage of porcelain pin insulator plus a fiberglass pole under a negative lightening impulse is higher than that found under a positive lightening impulse. Also, the CFO voltage is higher under dry conditions than under wet conditions because the lightening impulse strength in the wet test is less than in the dry test.

The porcelain pin insulator is widely used in life. It is always used on crossarm of electrical poles to support conductors.

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