Porcelain post Station insulators

Porcelain post Station insulators used for EHV substations, it is suggested that the ideal method of purchasing bus supports is to buy-support clamp, insulator and support pedestal as a complete unit.

Porcelain post Station insulators

Both the insulator and conductor clamp can contribute to radio noise; the only way the purchaser can expect a guaranteed RIV value on the assembly us to purchase both from the same supplier.

High-strength Porcelain post Station insulators have steadily improved and modernized the equipment and process by which our station post products are made.

Porcelain post Station insulators manufacturing process:
◆ Only computerized batching, drying and firing are used to ensure uniform, optimum properties of the wet process porcelain
◆ All Portland cement used in station post assemblies according to specifications with good strength
◆ All Portland cement is steam cured to ensure maximum strength and optimum long-term volume stability
◆ The Porcelain post Station insulators is a wet process porcelain element of variable length, with hardware components attached to the end of the porcelain

Porcelain post Station insulators are main parts of electrical systems used in substations and stations for supporting and insulating.


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