Porcelain suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulator provided by Orient Power has a good performance for its advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality control, excellent long-term performance evaluation, and so on.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology:
1. Automated mass production system
2. Uniform quality by continuous firing and production control
3. Control of porcelain thermal expansion
4. Forming without material damage
5. Accurate assembling without stress concentration
Forming and assembling are the main manufacturing process of porcelain disc suspension insulator.

Porcelain suspension insulator              Porcelain suspension insulator

Strict Quality Control:
ISO 9001 certified
Routine hydraulic pressure test developed by ORIENT - Effective elimination of manufacturing defects
Total quality activities of preventive maintenance
Hydraulic Pressure Test in accordance with related principle
Orient can provide pictures of porcelain suspension insulator test situation

Excellent Long-Term Performance:
Thermal-Mechanical (T&M) performance test as per IEC 60383-1 or ANSI C29.2 is to evaluate long-term reliability of insulators.
As these standards specify minimum requirements only, all ORIENT porcelain suspension insulators have been confirmed to pass modified T&M test.
Test method meets IEC Pub. 60383-1: 60-65% of Specified E&M failing load (24-hour cycle) in the temperature of -30°C to +40°C (24-hour cycle) with the duration of 4days.

More details about porcelain suspension insulator please contact Orient Power.

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