Power system products

Power system products include Composite Station Post Insulators, Formed Wire Brochure, Grounding, Guy Kits, Hollow Core Insulators, Fiberglass Crossarms, Distribution Line Arresters, Ball Stud Installation, etc.

Power system products details:
Composite Station Post Insulators
Formed Wire
Glass Insulator
Guy Kits
Hollow Core Insulators
Fiberglass Crossarms: Orient is an industry leader in fiberglass products. Orient Fiberglass Crossarms are a superior alternative to wooden crossarms, providing an environmentally-friendly, lower cost, lighter weight product that installs quickly and improves overall system installation and integrity.
Wood Crossarm Braces: Sidearm and Underarm Style Wood Crossarm Braces provide a lightweight, durable, and inexpensive crossarm brace that is engineered for years of service life.
Zforce Distribution Line Arresters: Zforce Distribution Line Arresters offer superior performance with their mold-on polymer housing with void-free, grease-free interface that provides the longest average service life of any arrester. Other arrester designs have pre-molded housings where the column of fiberglass wrapped MOV blocks is inserted and then the interface is filled with grease or epoxy to create barriers. With the Zforce Arrester, the polymer housing is molded directly over the column of blocks to fill the voids, penetrating the polymer right into the fiberglass wrap for a continuous, compound-free interface.
ZXLA Transmission Line Protection: a leading manufacturer of Transmission and Distribution materials to the electric utility industry, extends their transmission arrester line to include the ZXLA series transmission line arrester and insulator assembly.
Temporary Grounding for High Asymmetry Current
Equipment Mount Brochure

Power system products   Power system products

Power system products services:
Utility Tension Anchor Design Methodology PIB065-0
Expanding Anchor Load Capacity PIB072-02
Crossplate Anchor Load Capacity PIB073-02
No Wrench Screw Anchor Load Capacity PIB074-02
Pole Key Load Capacity PIB075-02
Load Measurement PIB007-2
Torq Box PIB026-01
RCS Shaft Torsion PIB028-00
Galvanizing Appearance PIB070-0
Galvanizing Protection PIB071-0
Manta Ray Q & A PIB076-00
Extension with Helix Application PIB031-2
No Wrench Screw Anchor Install Instr. PIB064-2
Installation Instructions - VIP and CRS Automatics
Ball Stud Installation Instructions
Zforce Arresters Installation Instructions
Fiberglass Crossarm
Fiberglass Crossarm DE Hardware
Installation Instructions of Strap Style Pole Bands

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