Quality control of insulator

Quality control of insulator is must. Good quality is the guarantee of power transmission and distribution system safety circuit. Good quality can make power transmission and distribution system has better security and longer running time.


In addition to the integrated control, the acoustic emission method is used as a tool, which operates independently from the machine. This system was developed on an empirical basis: the statistically determined record of noise patterns for certain crimp scenarios provided the limits for given material combinations. From these results, the thresholds with appropriate safety margins were deduced.
The interface between rod and end fitting is decisive for the long-term functionality of the insulator in service. The possible failure modes for identical rod and end fitting configuration result in different ultimate values and their dispersion.
It was found out that a design in accordance to the slip-off mode provides the most stable reproducibility of the ultimate failing load and its dispersion.

A failure by splitting indicates that a notch effect is caused as a result of the deformation in the crimp process or as a result of the internal design of the end fitting. On the other hand, a failure by breakage is an unambiguous indicator of over-crimp. This failure mode can be detected by measuring acoustic emissions.


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